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Updates of TBC Sports Week 2016

Updates of TBC Sports Week 2016 On Sunday, 3 April, 2016 the futsal quarter finals and indoor cricket quarter and semi finals were played. We had around 200 students present in the venue (Velocity Arena) who constantly cheered for the players. Our coach, Mr. Durga Bahadur Thapa, stood by the team and supported them throughout the game. It was a great tournament!

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TBC Sports Meet 2016

TBC Sports Meet 2016 The TBC Sports Meet for 2016 was commenced from 27 March, 2016. The Meet was opened by the Futsal at Velocity Arena, Ratopul followed by the cricket at the same venue. The opening games proved a remarkable success, both in sporting skills and enthusiasm from teams.

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Friendly Futsal Match 2016

Friendly Futsal Match 2016 As the part of A Level Extra Curricular Activities, the A Level students along with the support of the ECA department at the College organised an inter-class friendly Futsal Match on Sunday, March 20th 2016. The venue for the match was Velocity Arena, Ratopul, Ktm. There were four teams; AS Science, AS Non Science, A2 Science and A2 Non Science.

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Holi Celebrations

Holi Celebrations TBC students celebrated Holi, the Festival of Colors, on the premises on 21st March, 2016 with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement. The function was carried out by the leadership of the Event Management Club, which was formed under the ECA for fun and entertainment activities by our students. TBC believes that celebrations such as this contribute to the development of a healthy mind, physical fitness, and emotional maturity and will teach students the importance of cultural and traditional values

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TBC welcomed trade delegates from the UK

TBC welcomed trade delegates from the UK Last week The British College welcomed trade delegates from the United Kingdom. During their stay the delegates commented that they were highly impressed with our college and the investment made by Rajen Kandel (Chairman - BNCC and CEO of The British College).

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Staff Development Training by LBU  

Staff Development Training by LBU   On Thursday, Feb 25 2016, Helen Jones (Quality Officer – Collaborative Provision, Quality Assurance Services, Leeds Beckett University) organised a staff development programme for staff at The British College on Quality Assurance Processes for Collaborative Partners.

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Leeds Beckett University visit 22nd -25th Feb 2016

Leeds Beckett University visit 22nd -25th Feb 2016  On Monday, Feb 22, The British College welcomed delegates from Leeds Beckett University, UK, whose visit entailed carrying out a UK Quality Assurance audit. Those who visited included Professor Ieuan Ellis (Dean and Pro Vice Chancellor, Faculty of Health and Social Sciences), Dr Nick Sutcliffe (Principal Lecturer, Carnegie Faculty), Dr Carlton McDonald (Acting Deputy Head Computing and Mathematics, University of Derby), Helen Jones (Quality Officer – Collaborative Provision, Quality Assurance Se

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BMCMUN 2016 From February 13th 2016 to February 15th 2016, British Model College Model United Nations (BMCMUN) took place on campus. Sabil Khan, Kanchan Kumar Sharma, Paribesh Bidari, Raghvendra Yadav , Alisa Gurung and Anshu Dangol with their committee members successfully organised the 3 day event.

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3rd BMK Open Basketball Tournament 2016

3rd BMK Open Basketball Tournament 2016 Our TBC team participated in the third BMK Open Basketball Tournament. After a tough match our team sadly didn't make it to the next round, but the team still played very well and we had good participation. This defeat will only make our players strive for better next time. Well done for your efforts team and keep on training !

Created at: 2016-02-15 07:25:52


Introducing myTBC ( Institutional Management System) to our staff

Introducing myTBC ( Institutional Management System) to our staff Today, the IT department gave a presentation on new Institutional Management System (IMS) to the staff of TBC. The new IMS promises to integrate the whole system of TBC onto a single webpage facilitating the efficient workflow of each department. The management has decided to name that virtual learning environment as myTBC which, will be operating very soon.

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