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Verisk Information Technologies visited The British College

Verisk Information Technologies visited The British College On Tuesday 10th May 2016 a team from Verisk Information Technologies, one of the biggest outsourcing IT Company in Nepal, visited The British College. The objective of the visit was to strengthen the internship programme between The British College and Verisk Information Technologies.

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Meeting with BPP Team

Meeting with BPP Team Simon Morris, International Sales Director of BPP, an independent university in UK which aims to promote excellence in learning of students was here in the premises of The British College for a formal meeting with our Operations Director Mr Bimal Raj Pathak. The meeting was about Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) program text books that they have of the very course.

Created at: 2016-04-28 09:35:57


Closing Ceremony of Sports Meet 2016

Closing Ceremony of Sports Meet 2016 The Sports Meet 2016 ended yesterday (April 11) in the College Basketball Court. It was a grand success as around 250 students from all levels participated in the 2 week long meet which included 5 events. The teams, 'Warriors' and 'Hoopsters' made it to the basketball boys' finals, whilst the teams 'BBA L5’ and 'BSc L6' qualified for the girls' basketball finals. The finale was really tough and, with just a few points difference, the team ‘Hoopsters’ and ‘BBA L5’ won the trophy for boys' an

Created at: 2016-04-12 09:11:26


A Special College Event – Farewell 2016

A Special College Event – Farewell 2016 No matter what grade levels are taught in the college, the end of the year offers a special opportunity to recognise those students who make up the “senior" class.

Created at: 2016-04-05 05:22:59


Updates of TBC Sports Week 2016

Updates of TBC Sports Week 2016 On Sunday, 3 April, 2016 the futsal quarter finals and indoor cricket quarter and semi finals were played. We had around 200 students present in the venue (Velocity Arena) who constantly cheered for the players. Our coach, Mr. Durga Bahadur Thapa, stood by the team and supported them throughout the game. It was a great tournament!

Created at: 2016-04-05 04:44:25


TBC Sports Meet 2016

TBC Sports Meet 2016 The TBC Sports Meet for 2016 was commenced from 27 March, 2016. The Meet was opened by the Futsal at Velocity Arena, Ratopul followed by the cricket at the same venue. The opening games proved a remarkable success, both in sporting skills and enthusiasm from teams.

Created at: 2016-03-29 07:52:45


Friendly Futsal Match 2016

Friendly Futsal Match 2016 As the part of A Level Extra Curricular Activities, the A Level students along with the support of the ECA department at the College organised an inter-class friendly Futsal Match on Sunday, March 20th 2016. The venue for the match was Velocity Arena, Ratopul, Ktm. There were four teams; AS Science, AS Non Science, A2 Science and A2 Non Science.

Created at: 2016-03-23 08:26:53


Holi Celebrations

Holi Celebrations TBC students celebrated Holi, the Festival of Colors, on the premises on 21st March, 2016 with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement. The function was carried out by the leadership of the Event Management Club, which was formed under the ECA for fun and entertainment activities by our students. TBC believes that celebrations such as this contribute to the development of a healthy mind, physical fitness, and emotional maturity and will teach students the importance of cultural and traditional values

Created at: 2016-03-21 11:21:19


TBC welcomed trade delegates from the UK

TBC welcomed trade delegates from the UK Last week The British College welcomed trade delegates from the United Kingdom. During their stay the delegates commented that they were highly impressed with our college and the investment made by Rajen Kandel (Chairman - BNCC and CEO of The British College).

Created at: 2016-03-21 07:30:44


Staff Development Training by LBU  

Staff Development Training by LBU   On Thursday, Feb 25 2016, Helen Jones (Quality Officer – Collaborative Provision, Quality Assurance Services, Leeds Beckett University) organised a staff development programme for staff at The British College on Quality Assurance Processes for Collaborative Partners.

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