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The TBC Incubation Centre was established in 2023 as a pivotal initiative of The British College, Kathmandu, Nepal. Rooted in a vision of nurturing innovation and fostering entrepreneurial spirit, the incubation centre quickly evolved into a dynamic hub for emerging startups and passionate entrepreneurs - providing them with mentorship, training, a common work centre, networking events, funding opportunities, and customised support to turn their ideas into successful businesses. The Centre also actively engages in consulting, external projects, and research initiatives to contribute to the startup ecosystem.



From its inception, The British College Incubation Centre has been on a mission to provide a supportive ecosystem where innovative ideas can thrive, startups can grow, and entrepreneurs can transform their vision into successful ventures.


Mentorship and Guidance
Access to experienced mentors and industry experts.

Resource Hub
Legal and financial advisory services, market research, and connections to potential investors.

Programmes and Workshops
Skill-enhancing workshops, seminars, and training programmes for incubatees.

Networking Opportunities
Regular events and meetups to connect with fellow entrepreneurs and industry professionals.

Customised Support
Tailored support for startups based on their unique needs and challenges.

Community Engagement
Active involvement with the local community, outreach programmes, and inter-college events.


TBC StartUp Fest:
Providing an annual platform for business ideas across Nepal: https://startup.thebritishcollege.edu.np/

Upcoming Events:
Information on the latest and upcoming events hosted by the incubation centre.

Projects and Research

Consulting Services
Tailored strategies and connections to fund opportunities.

External Projects
Active engagement in external projects, offering expertise and resources.

Research Initiatives
Advancing research, particularly in supporting Nepal's startup ecosystem.


Exploring opportunities to collaborate with renowned businesses.

Partnership Proposals
Welcoming proposals from startups and businesses with the potential to sustain the market.

Contact Person

Subodh Rupakheti
(Incubation Centre Lead)



Incubation Centre FAQs

TBC Incubation Centre is a dynamic initiative at The British College that has been designed to foster innovation, support emerging startups, and nurture entrepreneurial talent. It serves as a launchpad for aspiring entrepreneurs, providing them with resources, mentorship, and infrastructure to turn their ideas into successful businesses.

TBC Incubation Centre is open to students, alumni, and external entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and a passion for startups. Whether you're at the idea stage or already running a business, we provide tailored support to help you grow.

Our services include mentorship, training, a common work centre, networking events, funding opportunities, and customised support. We also actively engage in consulting, external projects, and research initiatives to contribute to the startup ecosystem.

Startup Support FAQs

TBC Incubation Centre connects startups with experienced mentors and industry experts who provide guidance on various aspects of business development, including product development, marketing, finance, and scaling.

The common work centre provides a dedicated space for incubators to gather, discuss, hold meetings, and work on projects. It includes resources such as meeting rooms, collaborative spaces, and access to necessary tools.

The top three ideas selected from our annual business idea competition receive financial assistance from the college as seed capital to help kickstart their ventures.

Events and Programs FAQs

You can participate by submitting your business idea proposal during the designated submission period. Shortlisted ideas will be contacted to progress further with their detailed business plans.

Contact and Inquiry FAQs

You can reach us through the contact details provided on our website or use the inquiry form available. We're here to answer any questions you may have.

Absolutely! We welcome collaborations with external businesses. If you have a proposal or would like to explore partnership opportunities, please get in touch with us.

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