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About Cambridge A Levels

Cambridge Assessment International Education AS and A Levels are internationally benchmarked qualifications providing exceptional preparation for the commencement of university education.


Delivered at The British Model College (BMC), The Advanced Level is the ‘gold standard’ of Cambridge International Examination qualifications. Students receive a qualification equivalent to that granted in the UK, and which is accepted universally as an entry requirement for universities, including those in Nepal.


Studying for the A Levels qualification is rigorous and demands a high academic standard of achievement. At BMC we offer highly flexible subject combinations and students can choose from a wide choice of subjects - that suit their interest and aptitude. 


The A Levels programme demands a multi-dimensional approach, which includes providing evidence of in-depth subject knowledge and understanding; developing an ability to think logically; presenting reasoned explanations; applying theoretical knowledge; and communicating ideas and feelings in a clear and logical manner.


About the British Model College

Located in the heart of the nation’s capital, the British Model College (BMC) is arguably the best, most well-equipped, and cutting edge A Level College in the country. 


Established in 2013, BMC offers prestigious Cambridge Assessment International Education A Level courses. We uphold a personalised approach to education where each student’s work is carefully monitored and evaluated to help ensure their success.


Subject combinations offered at this College prepare students to enter engineering and medical colleges, or set students up in the pursuit of higher education in the liberal arts or pure science; as well as computer studies, accountancy, and management faculties. The Advanced Subsidiary Level General Paper remains a compulsory subject, irrespective of the group of three principal subjects.


We are fully dedicated to providing the highest level of education which is demonstrated by the provision of seasoned faculty members, world-class infrastructure, and friendly, nurturing educational environment that we provide for our students.


The College is registered with Cambridge Assessment International Education as Centre Number NP 744 and has received approval from the Ministry of Education, Government of Nepal. 


Specialities of the Programme

The A Levels programme demands a multi-dimensional approach, including:

  • Providing evidence of in-depth subject knowledge and understanding
  • Developing an ability to think logically
  • Presenting reasoned explanations
  • Applying theoretical knowledge
  • Communicating  ideas and feelings in a clear and logical manner


Examination System

The AS and A Level final examinations are held twice a year in May/June and October/ November, the results of which are published in August and January respectively.


Grading System

Students are expected to take at least four subjects, including the English General Paper - however, they may take more than the required credits depending upon their interests and capabilities. Students are assessed on a grade scale from A* awarded for the highest level of achievement, to E indicating the minimum required performance to constitute as a pass. U stands for ungraded which is a fail.


AS Level gradePUM rangeA Level gradePUM range

Chakupat Campus Location

Eligibility for the A Levels

The British Model College uses a comprehensive evaluation system to select a highly motivated group of students to join the programme:

  • Students must have taken the SEE/GCSE/CBSE or equivalent exams at the time of admission.
  • A sound academic ability to fulfil the rigours of this challenging programme. 
  • Students must take an exam set by the College prior to entry.
  • Students must attend an interview with their guardian. 


Flexibility subject Choices

  • Students are free to study a range of subjects, as we believe that giving students the power to choose helps to motivate them throughout their studies. 
  • Students study three full subjects as well as the English General Paper throughout the two years of A Level.
  • The standard admission requirement for UK universities is three A Levels.


Cambridge International AS & A Level subject groups


Social SciencesHumanitiesTechnology
The Arts  

Please visit www.cambridgeinternational.org for detailed information about the courses.


Our Scholarships

The College offers scholarships to highly meritorious but financially restricted students.

Approved A Level Scholarship policy for the Year 2022-2024

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Programme Features     

  • Experienced, qualified, competent and devoted faculty and administration staff
  • Modern infrastructure and facilities
  • Well-equipped Science laboratories with routine practical sessions
  • Open student lounge and e-library facilities for self-study
  • Hi-Tech computer labs and free Wi-Fi throughout the college
  • Continuous assessment of students including Parents & Teachers meetings and career counselling
  • Motivational rewards to meritorious students, special attention towards weak students and financial help to needy students
  • Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for the technical and personal development of students
  • Formation of student representative body and professional society activities
  • Expert guest lectures, educational tours, seminars and workshops
  • Transportation, gymnasium, pool house and canteen facilities available for the students
  •  A Level students will be taken in house as well as abroad for educational tours


Programme Leader :

Rajan Kumar Rai


Students who have taken the SEE/GCSE/CBSE or equivalent exams at the time of admission can apply. 



SEE Board Nepal with a MINIMUM overall of 2.4 GPA



  • SEE Board Nepal with a MINIMUM overall of 2.8 GPA

In addition, all students must pass The British College A Level Entrance Exam, held in the college building Thapathali, Kathmandu. 

Entry Requirements

Your Future  

On completion of the GCE A Level Programme students will be able to advance straight onto a career, or alternatively progress to further studies and pursue an undergraduate degree or professional qualification, either nationally or internationally. 

After you Graduate
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