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Research and Development Centre

Research and Development Unit of The British College has been established to organize, coordinate and/or stimulate scientific research in the field of business, management and IT.

The aim of the unit is to provide a platform for faculty members, students, and staff for their research projects and activities which will help establish and strengthen the research culture in Nepal.


Categories of R&D Unit:

  • Internal Research
    • Internally, handles all the undergraduate and post-graduate academic programs, which are focused on supervising of students for their Dissertation and Consultancy project.


  • External Research
    • Externally, promotes and monitors faculties wanting to do their respective research in their areas of interest
    • Besides, it along with concerned researcher will be responsible for preparing proposals to external grant opportunities
    • The TRDC will be responsible for planning, implementing and monitoring of projects/ grants once awarded



  • Provide education/training/open platform for post-graduate and undergraduate students for their final Dissertation or Consultancy project 
  • Promote and facilitate collaborative and/or interdisciplinary research and enhancement of research networking capacity and infrastructure 
  • Encourage Academic Management and Faculties to get involved into research project aiming to publish the journal in the wider range of online platforms
  • Contribute to the college’s strategic educational and research mission that supports the inter-link between research, teaching, learning and development
  • Contribute college’s mission of achieving mission of achieving AACSB accreditation 
  • Knowledge transfer and implementation of research finding into the society for its benefit via appropriate mechanism.
  • Enhance the status of its members, academic units and entire college through its quality of work



  • Research and Innovation platform that TRDC provides are for Academic Management and Full-time faculties of TBC
  • Faculty may be involved in one or more research projects under TRDC
  • Inter-Disciplinary Research: Faculty may work with one or more members within one department
  • Intra- Disciplinary Research: Faculty may work with two different departments
  • Multi-Disciplinary Research: Faculty may work with three or more departments
  • Inter-Institutional Research: Faculty may work with multiple universities of national and international level
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© 2023 All rights reserved The British College