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The ACCA Programme: Where Dreams Can Come True!

Published on : September 27, 2022 at 10:59 AM
Published on : September 27, 2022 at 10:59 AM

The British College offers a BAC-approved ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) Programme - which could be a great choice for someone looking to further their education but avoid the typical undergraduate route. So, if this sounds like you - read on to find out all about it. 


After completing years of exams, the ACCA Programme at The British College is designed to enhance that final stretch of a student’s education. And whether you’re internationally studying or a Nepali student, TBC has many courses in their ACCA Programme to choose from.


The programme is aimed to prepare students mainly going into accounting and financial industries, so offers esteemed courses in Management Accounting (MA), Financial Accounting (FA), Financial Reporting, Taxation, and Audit and Assurance. And for those with a more business-minded future, there are courses such as Business and Technology, Performance Management, and Corporate and Business Law. 


There are options to take these classes as essential classes or advanced classes, as well as applied skills and knowledge. And these subjects are so specialised in the desired industries that many students have been hard-pressed to find the same standard and opportunities in other universities that offer degree studying. 


As well as the subjects themselves, the ACCA Programme gives students the chance to study evening and intensive courses. With a close-knit, smaller staff body, the ACCA Programme is ensured to give more one-on-one learning, guidance, and extra care when grading or teaching, proving students will get more out of their studies. This also ensures all students have constant support when and if they need it. 


Examinations are taken twice a year in June and December and are designed to equip students at a higher educational level with the knowledge, skills, and further experience needed for their professional careers. However, unlike other degree courses, the ACCA Programme examinations aren’t restricted. 


On-demand CBEs are available to be sat at any time of the year, providing approval from ACCA. This means that students can sit for exams at any point, and receive their results instantly! For those with a lot of examination stress and anxiety, this could be a great benefit in swaying decisions! 


So, is it as good as a standard degree in any other country? 


Yes! And if you don’t believe us then you can read here all about our student Riya Manandhar who ranked first in the world for her December 2021 Taxation paper examination, with an immense 98%. 


Furthermore, past ACCA Programme classes have taken field trips to subject-related places, such as DEPROSC-Nepal, for students to gain insight into bookkeeping, taxation, and financial experience. Students have even visited CG FUDCO - a notable industrial field trip where students got to attend a plant site and gain firsthand knowledge and visual skills. 

So whether your future is in accounting, business, or entrepreneurship across the globe, The British College can equip you with that specialised degree you’ll need! To read more about how you can get started with us, check out the course page here.



- By Bryony Reid

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