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ACCA Programme Excursion - Tales of Thrills, Chills & Unforgettable Moments

Published on : March 27, 2024 at 04:07 PM
Published on : March 27, 2024 at 04:07 PM

With full enthusiasm, we students of the ACCA programme embarked on our journey on a fine Sunday morning which happened to be on the 10th of March, 2024.


Covering two huge buses, echoing it with all the music and dancing recklessly to the beats, we headed towards our first harbour, Trishuli. As soon as we reached our destination, the majority of us opted for rafting in Trishuli riverside resort.

It was indeed one of the most lively and fun activities of the entire excursion, following that was a fun DJ night where we all danced carefree, enjoying every second to the fullest. And with that, resonating the entire resort with our laughter, day one of the ACCA Programme excursion came to an end. 

Tatopani Bliss: Day Two of Our ACCA Programme Excursion  


As we headed towards Tatopani early enough on day two, my heart was still full of memories that we made the night before.


Never had any of us thought that long bus rides could be this fun. Well, it definitely was because of the company.


After a long bus ride, we checked into our hotel, and yet again, the real fun had begun. The night ended with mouth-watering barbeque, wonderful moves, sipping; or rather gulping of drinks and melodious singing.

Seeking Blessings and Finding Beauty: Day Three 

Muktinath Temple visit during ACCA programme excursion


Day three was full of hope, love, spirituality and prayers. I consider all of us lucky to have gotten the opportunity to seek blessings from Muktinath temple and enjoy the breathtaking view of the Mustang. 

From Lo Manthang to Marpha: Days Four and Five Memories


Day four and five went by in a split second.


I still remember the chilly weather, the warmth and kindness of the people of Lo Manthang and Marpha, the homely taste of foods that were served, and the immaculate view; I can and will never stop emphasising that!


I can also never forget my dearest friend Aditya scaring me to death in the cave in Mustang, likewise the wonderful evening in Marpha, I can make a 10-hour long movie out of that night. We then bid goodbye to the beautiful Himalayas and headed towards Kusma.

Rising Above Fears in Pokhara: My ACCA Programme Excursion


I can also never forget that day, because it was when I faced my acrophobia, someone who is dead scared of heights managed to bungee jump from the world's second highest point.


It surely was a nightmare for the bungee master, but I did it, and I am extremely happy and proud of all my other friends who managed to jump gracefully.


Bungee Jump Experience during ACCA programme Excursion


And our final destination was Pokhara, even though we were all very excited to go and enjoy ourselves in Pokhara, all of our hearts were heavy thinking of the departure that awaited the day after.


The night in Pokhara needs no explanation, all of us know it! The morning that followed was the toughest, packing all our things realising that the tour had come to an end was 100% hard, but we still managed to do it.


We went to The British Grammar School and happened to act a bit, which is not at all my cup of tea. After that is when reality hit the hardest, I was depressed all of a sudden with the thought of returning home.


The tour came to an end, but the memories never will. I can keep blabbering about it all day long. It was enchanting for all of us and how. I can't thank my friends in the ACCA programme enough for the precious memories we made and of course the teachers as well. With this, I wish time to fly by and another ACCA programme tour to welcome us all.


This blog is written by Grace Deuja, currently pursuing the ACCA qualification at British Professional College, at the knowledge level.

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