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Workshop on Design Thinking Led by Utsav Kharel

Workshop on Design Thinking Led by Utsav Kharel

On 9th May 23, TBC Incubation Centre hosted an inspiring guest lecture session on Design Thinking featuring Mr. Utsav Kharel, the lead of the Nepal Innovation Lab. The event provided attendees with a valuable opportunity to gain knowledge and be inspired by the transformative potential of design thinking.


During the session, Mr. Utsav Kharel captivated the audience with his extensive stories, demonstrating how design thinking can drive innovation across various sectors. His engaging storytelling approach brought the concept to life, showcasing its real-world application and inspiring the attendees.


Design thinking, a problem-solving approach that emphasises empathy, collaboration, and iterative ideation, was at the core of the lecture. Participants gained deeper insights into the methodology and learned practical techniques to implement in their own projects and endeavors.


Mr. Utsav Kharel also shared inspiring examples and success stories, illustrating the tangible impact of design thinking. Attendees left the session with a renewed passion for innovation and a deeper understanding of the design thinking mindset.


We extend our gratitude to Mr. Utsav Kharel for his invaluable contribution to the guest lecture session. His expertise and engaging presentation left a lasting impact, encouraging attendees to embrace the design thinking approach.


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