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UWE Link Tutor Visits TBC

UWE Link Tutor Visits TBC

TBC gladly welcomed Mr. Anthony Bray this week, for his first visit to Nepal. Mr Bray is the Link Tutor for the University of the West of England and thus an essential individual for the provision of the UWE BBA and MIBM programme at the college. He met with faculty to inform them about the proper marking and feedback procedures applied across the UWE programme and spoke to Level 3 students in the build up to their first year studies. This gave both staff and students an opportunity to clear up any queries that remained about UWE and the programmes. Quality assurance is of upmost importance at UWE and they are impressed with the college's adherence and practice of these policies. We hope to meet with Mr Bray again in the future but for now wish him safe travels home to the UK.

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