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TBC Nov / Oct Updates

TBC Nov / Oct Updates


October has seen a number of exciting updates at The British College campus, for both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. 


Admissions have now officially closed for the summer session and we are delighted to announce a very positive number of new students will be joining us this term. The team are now turning their attention to the winter session and have begun recruiting for the January / February intake 2022. 


This includes recruiting for our brand new BSc (Hons) Cyber Security and Digital Forensics course. Counselling has already begun, as has set up for the dedicated state of the art lab. An information session for the programme was also be held on the 29th of October to update potential students about this new opportunity. The head of the programme, Rohit Pandey will be giving a talk and lunch will be served to guests on the TBC campus. 


The summer semester is already in full swing, with undergraduate classes having begun online and our first wave of live classes starting with our postgraduate programmes. We are pleased to be able to confirm that all classes will be going live by the 15th of November, and after over a year of distance learning, we will once again have a College full of students. Staff and students have also been participating in a number of activities - including staff training and student workshops. 


We are now busy preparing for our Virtual Graduation ceremony, which will be taking place on 19th November 2021. We are running the event online to ensure the safety and comfort of our staff, students, and their families. We are confident that it is going to be a great event and we look forward to congratulating all of our new graduates.


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