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Students attend graduation at UWE, Bristol

Students attend graduation at UWE, Bristol

The British College BBA students (September 2013 Intake and December 2013 Intake) attended their graduation ceremony this July 13th, 2017 at UWE, Bristol accompanied by their families. 

The students completed the formal proceedings at the magnificent Bristol Cathedral and then met with Vice-Chancellor, Professor Steve West who congratulated them on their academic achievement. It was an invigorating experience for the students who, after four years of studying, got to visit their awarding university body and staff. 

‘It was an amazing experience to go to the UK, to visit the university, and to be awarded our degree by the UWE Chancellor, it made us really appreciate the four years of hard work we have dedicated in this process. We are super proud of ourselves and our fellow students’ said the recent graduates. They additionally added that they would like to thank all the staff both at UWE and The British College for their fantastic and unwavering support up to this point. 

A further graduation for TBC students will be hosted in September 2017 in Kathmandu who could not attend the Bristol graduation, in order to celebrate their fantastic achievements.  

Congratulations to every graduate. We're proud of you and we would like to extend our welcome to The British College Alumni community!

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