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Sophie Turnbull from UWE visits

Sophie Turnbull from UWE visits

The British College welcomed another guest to Kathmandu this week: Sophie Turnbull from The University of the West of England. As International Manager of South Asia, Sophie has a deep insight into this region which proved educational for both staff and students.

Despite only visiting for one day, Sophie was able to meet both students and various members of staff. For interested students, she gave an insightful and enlightening presentation on transferring to UWE during their course, discussing scholarship and entry requirements as well. Afterwards, she fielded questions from interested students who wanted to learn more.

She also met with several departments in the college, to further discuss possible joint endeavours between UWE and TBC, as well as meeting the team. Whilst details can’t be discussed, all meetings were incredibly fruitful and more information will be available soon. Thank you very much for your time Sophie and we look forward to your next visit!

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