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Press Release | National Innovation Center and The British College

Press Release | National Innovation Center and The British College

The British College, Nepal and The National Innovation Center (Rashtriya Awiskar Kendra), are proud to announce a new social welfare collaboration, in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Together they are putting forward a project to minimise the impact of the current crisis in Nepal and strengthen the response and relief available.

Collectively, TBC and NIC are pursuing the goal of developing and distributing relevant medical and protective equipment to the front-line workers directly engaged in the battle against COVID-19 and providing essential services to the public in this time of crisis. In order to do this, TBC will be donating funds to the National Innovation Center, while NIC will continue its search for both organisations and individuals who can contribute further to support the mission. 
As well as raising and donating money, together TBC and NIC will be using these funds to aid the Covid-19 relief effort in a number of ways. These will include conducting research on new developments in the field of Covid Relief, developing protective equipment to support front-line workers, and repairing and bringing relevant medical equipment, such as ventilators, back into
Mr Mahendra Raj Kandel, Operations Director to The British College says that he is very excited about NIC collaborations and TBC will continue its efforts to support such organisations. Both The British College and National Innovation Centre are excited to be working together and are confident that by using each other’s expertise they will be able to better tackle this pandemic and work towards their joint goal to keep Nepal safe.

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