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Nepal’s Champions from TBC leave for Poland

Nepal’s Champions from TBC leave for Poland

The British College (TBC), Kathmandu gave a rousing send off to its team which won the National Final in the CIMA Global Challenge 2015.


The team Kalpana Pant, Safalata Shrestha, Angel Sharma and Priyanka Puri leaves for Warsaw, Poland on Sunday 2nd August 2015.


Khadas and flowers were presented to the team after which they cut their “Good Luck” cake and everyone enjoyed light refreshments.


In saying farewell to the team Dr Madan Manandhar wished them all well and told them he had not dreamed a year ago just what these four young people were capable of.


The CEO of TBC who is travelling back from UK sent a massage telling the team how proud he is of them and that represented not just TBC but Nepal as well.


The team will be return to Nepal on September 12, 2015.

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