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Corporate Collaborations | Oct/Nov 2021

Corporate Collaborations | Oct/Nov 2021

The British College is delighted to share that this month they have signed two more MOUs, forming more partnerships with corporate collaborations across Nepal. 


The first partnership created this month was with Benchmark Advisors - a top business consulting service that focuses specifically on financial management and start-up companies. With so many of our own students being encouraged to foster an entrepreneurial spirit, Benchmark’s advice on startups and the support that they can provide our students with will be invaluable. 


This month we also signed an MOU with Web House Nepal - the most sought after web designing and development company in Nepal. Web House is a premier IT company that specialises in creating websites, apps, and software - as well as providing technology services and solutions for their wide client base. It will be great for our IT students in particular to have such experts in the field on hand for advice and placement opportunities. 


All MOUs were signed by the founders, partners, CEOs or Deans from both companies, and organised by the Marketing team at TBC. All of these partnerships present a great opportunity for TBC and the respective companies to learn from each other and we look forward to the great working relationships to come.


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