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Career Development Workshop at TBC

Career Development Workshop at TBC

The British College, recently held a workshop for the final year students designed to raise awareness of the importance of employability, supporting them with their Curriculum Vitals, whilst also promoting the development of all the skills necessary to impress future employers. The students of TBC were given this fantastic opportunity to build up their aptitude on this programme led by International corporate instructor and prominent Toastmaster Ms. Maanshi Agrawal.

She shared her award-winning knowledge with our students on how to compose first-class CVs and how to exhibit oneself during professional meets. The session incorporated different activities to enhance the skill sets to prepare them to face any type of interview, for example, CV audit, Mock interview, Business Etiquettes, Prepping and so on. .

The session was in accordance with school's vision to ensure that students graduate with, skills to enter into the job market .This workshop were a part of TBC’s Career Development Programmed for the students.


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