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BMC Oct/Nov Updates

BMC Oct/Nov Updates

On the 15th of November, the brand new Chakupat Campus will officially be open for A-Level students to attend live classes. This modern facility presents a wonderful space for A-Level students to have a dedicated area of study with state of the art facilities. 


To mark the occasion, the BMC team decided that it would be a great idea for the students to put their own stamp on the new campus. And so the Co-Curricular Coordinator, Christopher Kemp, ran a wall art competition - giving one student the opportunity to have their own work painted onto one of the College walls.


Mr Kemp invited all A-Level students to send an original piece of artwork, which would then be judged by BMC faculty and fellow students. It was difficult with so many amazing entries, but after counting over 100 votes, the winner was clear. 


We are therefore delighted to announce that this year's first-place goes to Kashir Lama, with his piece entitled, ‘Mandala’. We can't wait to see Mr Lama’s mural painted on the campus walls soon and we are confident it will be a wonderful addition. 



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