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BMC extends support to The Disabled Rehabilitation Center

BMC extends support to The Disabled Rehabilitation Center

A-Levels students of The British Model College (BMC), conducted a charity event to help the “Disabled Rehabilitation Center”, Gokarna, Nepal on Saturday 14th April, 2018.


The Disabled Rehabilitation Center was established with the objective of providing children who have a physical disability or are financially unstable with a family Home, healthcare and education enabling them to build life skills and become self-reliant and independent.


The chairman of the organisation, Mr. Uday Limbu extended a warm welcome to the BMC family firstly with an introduction to the organisation, followed by khada giving ceremony. The BMC A levels students donated various useful groceries to the organisation.


The support was sustained by the director of BMC, Mr. Mahendra Kandel, who is looking forward to supporting the children in the coming days.


The BMC is humbled to have organised an event through which the students were able to connect emotionally with the disabled children and spent a quality time with them. These events help the students to learn the social responsibility towards our society.


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