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Why Study the Executive MBA (EMBA)

Published on : September 27, 2022 at 11:05 AM
Published on : September 27, 2022 at 11:05 AM

At The British College, we pride ourselves in providing specialised courses, both at A-Level and degree level. In light of this, we have career development courses such as the Execute MBA, which have been designed especially for students who have over two years’ worth of business experience. 


The EMBA is an in-depth, focused subject unlike any other offered at other universities, as it requires more from a student’s background. And with studies in strategic thinking, managerial skills, and gaining a different take on global economic and environmental scales, the Executive MBA is bound to be a dream course for any business-minded student.


While other institutions are affiliated with universities, The British College is directly linked to Leeds Beckett University, which provides this top-tier course. Having this direct link opens up many more doors for any student looking to study in either Nepal or the UK, as it brings to light a lot more opportunities that many might not know are there. 


With a minimum entry requirement of a 2:1 pass rate on your degree or relevant experience in the same field, students are considered for the programme, where a total of six core modules are studied in order to complete the four semesters. As this programme is provided by Leeds Beckett University, this allows for both international and local sectors, equipping students with the tools to tackle any economic and business challenges they’ll face upon entering their careers. 


So what about the scary abyss at the end of the course, after graduating? Most students worry about their lives post-graduation -with queries such as, “How long will it take to find a job?”; “Is attaining one even certain?”; and “Are graduates really as employable as they want to be?”.  These fears often push students into more and more education to keep that security. However, the Executive MBA is the start of many business routes, and graduates will have no shortage of options when looking for jobs in their field. 


Progression has taken previous students to positions such as General Managers, Operations Directors, Chief Executives, Marketing Managers, and many, many more, within the constantly-shifting business world. Not to mention as a highlight of this course - students are required to complete a consultancy project, and get the chance to apply their skills and knowledge under guidance, preparing them for what they’ll face beyond graduation.


Sound like this could be for you? Then not check out The British College website where you can request a brochure, and drop in for an online chat to talk a little more about the options for studying this programme.


- By Bryony Reid

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