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From Strangers to Friends: My Nikon Photo Camp Story

Published on : May 30, 2024 at 04:29 PM
Published on : May 30, 2024 at 04:29 PM

When you see that your college is hosting a boot camp with an instructor who has come all the way from Dubai - and that there are no fees included - I don’t know about you but it’s a no-brainer for me! So, without a second thought, I registered for the esteemed Photography Bootcamp with Nikon.


The first time The British College held the Nikon Photography Bootcamp, led by Ms Aarya Chitra, was my first experience attending a photography bootcamp. I am a Level 3 student, so I am just starting my journey at The British College - so this was a great way for me to become friends with my classmates who also signed up and we have now become a solid friendship group.



After having such a good experience the first time, I also attended The Nikon for Youth and Kids Programme the second time it came to the College - and it didn’t disappoint. The facilitator began by giving us a quick introduction to the Programme and then gave us all the information needed to know about cameras, such as aperture, ISO, and shutter speed.


Ms. Chitra then gave us some tricks and techniques for using cameras and taking pictures. She wanted us to start with taking black-and-white image photography around the college premises. I tried my best, trying to experiment with difficult angles, and I got some good pictures. At the end of the day, Ms Chitra then reviewed our work and gave us her insights on our pictures and how we could do better.



The next day we enjoyed a field visit to a historic place called "Patan," where we got to do some street photography - and this was the most exciting day for me. We all scattered around Patan to click the best pictures. Me and my friends met for lunch and then after a few hours, we called it a day. Again, when we reached the college, Ms Chitra reviewed our work and not to brag, but I got a lot of compliments on my work!




Overall, it was one of the best boot camps I have ever attended at The British College. I am now quite confident about my photography abilities and I will definitely continue practicing photography so that I become a better photographer. I am truly thankful to the College for organising opportunities like this and to Ms Aarya Chitra for guiding us on this journey. I look forward to attending more in the future and making more friends.

Suprav Lal Karmacharya, a driven BSC (Hons) Computing Level 4 student with a fervent passion for programming and data analytics. Committed to continuous growth, he actively engages in self-learning and networking with Rotaract. When he’s not immersed in college projects, you’ll find him exploring his diverse interests in sports, music, drawing, and photography. With a penchant for adventure, he frequently embarks on journeys to discover new places through travel, hiking and trekking. 

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