MBA (Graduate)

MBA (Graduate)

The MBA programme offered by The British College in Kathmandu is a career-oriented programme from Leeds Beckett University, UK. The primary aim of the programme is to provide postgraduate level knowledge, understanding, and skills that prepare students for their career in business and management.


MBA Graduate


In the programme, students will have opportunities to develop their management and leadership style that will help them think and move strategically in an uncertain business environment. They will learn how to apply academic theories and concepts in addressing real-life business issues. Besides that, they will also be equipped with analysis and communication skills that are needed to work with stakeholders in business from a diverse background. Independent learning, creative, and critical thinking skills that students develop in their studies and project works will help them to be innovative and entrepreneurial in generating and implementing effective ideas in their works.


Awarded by:

Leeds Beckett University


Programme Leader:

Arun Bajracharya


Award Title: Master of Business Administration (MBA)


Awarding Institution: Leeds Beckett University


Teaching Institution: The British College


Duration: Pre-Masters + Three Semesters






Upon successful completion of the programme, students will receive an internationally recognised British MBA degree. This will create career prospects not only in the local Nepalese market, but students can also compete in regional and international markets.


Students will be competent to develop their career in different directions in the field of business and management such as in Finance, Operations, Marketing, and HRM. Starting from the middle-level managerial position, students will have full potential to make progress in the career ladder to lead the team or organisation they are working in. Besides that students will also be equipped with entrepreneurial skills to initiate and develop their own business. On top of that, they can also work as business and management consultant to serve the industry with their knowledge and skills.

Pre-Masters: A Bachelors degree or equivalent from a recognised university. 

Direct Entry: A pass in TBC’s Pre Masters degree and  IELTS 6 (or equivalent) with no skill below 5.5

(Students meeting university entry criteria can join directly to the university programme.)


The Pre-masters programme is structured as follows and is made up of four core modules. 

Semester 1
Academic English/ Study Skills 20 credits
Business Research Skills 20 credits
Business Accounting 10 credits
Management Theory & Practice 10 credits
  60 credits




The Leads Beckett MBA(Graduate) programme is structured as follows and is made up of six core modules and two option modules.

Semester 2
Accounting and Finance for Decision Making 20 credits
Contemporary Marketing 20 credits
Self-Effectiveness & Leadership Performance 20 credits
Organising & Managing for Performance 20 credits
  80 credits


Semester 3
Strategic Management 20 credits
Business Consultancy Project  40 credits

Students will choose two modules from the list below:
Business Process & Operations Management 20 credits
Investment & Fund Management 20 credits
Corporate Finance 20 credits
Leadership & Management Development 20 credits
Entrepreneurship 20 credits
  60 credits


Semester 4
Business Consultancy Project 40 credits


Total Credit MBA(Graduate)  240 credits

(Students will choose two modules from the list of offered option modules.) 


Students apply their learning to a real organisational issue of strategic level across any relevant business and management disciplines. They'll be encouraged to work independently and also manage a client-consultant relationship.



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