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MBA/EMBA Consultancy and MSC Dissertation Projects

MBA/EMBA Consultancy and MSC Dissertation Projects


The MBA, EMBA and MIBM programmes at The British College offer unique and contemporary opportunities for the students during their final projects, through Consultancy/Dissertation Projects. 


This is a 45 credit project which allows students to gain real world experience through client relationship management, project management, and academic research. Here, students are required to take on the role of “consultants” and help solve the problems of real world clients through rigorous research. 


We, at the British College, have successfully managed to deal with more than 100 projects in real world client settings. The impact that our students have made to the industry through their evidence based recommendations is reflected in the ample opportunities that they have received to work directly with the industry.


Our students can assist with projects related to a multitude of fields, including People Management, Organisational Behaviour, Strategy, Marketing, IT, Finance, and Accounting. A strict NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) between the students and the client company is always signed, in order to maintain confidentiality - and there is also a strict research ethics policy from the side of the College and university team to make sure that projects are within the scope of ethical arrangements.

Call for Interest:  


Our consultancy projects offer free consultancy services from our post graduate business and management students, with the goal of providing valuable real world experience to students - as well as building strong industry-academia relationships.


So, if you would like our students to assist you with your organisation’s projects, and have them provide you with evidence based recommendations, please feel free to contact our team using the information below. 


Please fill out this form to send us your project details: 


For more information please contact: 


Nishtha Rajbhandari


PGBM Programme Leader


Prajwal Shrestha


Academic Research Leader

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