Weekend MBA (Executive)

Weekend MBA (Executive)

The Weekend MBA (Executive) programme offered by The British College (TBC) is a career development programme provided by Leeds Beckett University, UK. The programme is aimed at experienced business professionals with more than two years’ business experience. 


MBA (Executive)


You will be taught to develop and transform your leadership skills through strategic management. Your experience at The British College will help to develop your managerial style and transform you into a strategic thinker, helping to prepare you for the uncertain global environment which we now face in business. On completion, you will feel confident in applying and using theory in a practical way, after trialling your concepts on the course during the consultancy project.


We want to equip students with analytical skills, improve their leadership skills and enable them to contribute effectively to business and management practices. This programme offers you the unique opportunity of gaining an internationally recognised Masters degree in Nepal from a distinguished British University.


The time spent on our MBA (Executive) will expand your knowledge with cornerstone management theories that allow you to specialise within your chosen sector. Our Executive MBA will equip you for the challenges you will face in the future.


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Our aim is to give you the space to think and critically appreciate your current strengths and areas for development and to gain insight into both your leadership skills and realise the management challenges you face. We help you develop and apply new decisive leadership methods to enable you to raise your game and inspire your people.


The Weekend MBA (Executive) recruits experienced practitioners who wish to both accelerate their career opportunities and directly apply their learning to enhance their own performance and that of their organisation. You will be encouraged to share your working experiences with colleagues on the programme and with expert staff who can support you to devise practical solutions to your leadership challenges.








Programme Leader:


Ms Nishtha Rajbhandari (nishtha.rajbhandari@thebritishcollege.edu.np)


For more information about MBA Consultancy Project visit: 




Award Title: Master of Business Administration (Executive)


Awarding Institution: Leeds Beckett University


Teaching Institution: The British College


Duration: Pre-Masters + Three Semesters




The Weekend MBA (Executive) is a British MBA course provided at TBC in Nepal.This course is designed for those who wish to accelerate their career in management. Some examples of jobs where students from Leeds Beckett University have progressed to after the course are General Manager, Operations Director, Business Development Manager, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Group Operations Manager and Marketing Manager.


As a graduate, you will be in a position to provide the effective direction and leadership that organisations at home and abroad need in management positions.

  • Management Accounting Executive
  • Planning and Performance Analyst
  • Buying Manager
  • Business Consultant


As the course has an international context, you will be competent to work in both the local, and the international job market. e.g within a corporation, government offices, and international organisation or similar

Pre-Masters: A Bachelor degree or equivalent from a recognised university

  • honours degree of 2:2 or above; or
  • two year’s work experience in relevant field 

Direct Entry: an honours degree of 2:1 or above and IELTS 6.0 with no skills below 5.5

Work Experience: At least 2 Years Managerial Work Experience Following the competition of Bachelors


The Pre-Masters Programme is suggested to be successfully completed before joining the University's Programme. It is structured as follows: 

Pre-Masters Programme
Academic English 15 credits
Business Research  15 credits
Financial Accounting 15 credits
Fundamentals of Business and Management 15 credits


The MBA programme is structured as follows and is made up from six core modules (including a group-based consultancy project) and four optional modules.

Semester 1

Leading and Managing Innovation 20 credits
Operations and Logistics Management 20 credits
Contemporary Issues in Business and Leadership 20 credits
*Consultancy Project 40 credits


 Semester 2

Strategic Management 20 credits
Financial Analysis 20 credits
Entrepreneurship and Risk Management 20 credits
*Consultancy Project 40 credits

Semester 3

Elective (I) 20 credits
*Consultancy Project 40 credits


Financial Project Semester

*Consultancy Project 40 credits

*: starts from the first semester and runs till final project semester


Indicative Option Modules (Electives)

Marketing Dynamics 20 credits
Cross-Cultural Human Resource Management  20 credits


Students apply their learning to a real organisational issue of strategic level across any relevant business and management disciplines. They'll be encouraged to work independently and also manage a client-consultant relationship.



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