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The Coding Camp is strategically designed to instill practical skills essential for immediate industry applicability. With a grand vision to counteract human capital flight and stem the tide of brain drain from our nation, NextEdLab is committed to furnishing a cadre of well-rounded professionals capable of seamlessly initiating their careers in any office setting.

Techie IT

Eager to start early and beat the competition on your road to a rewarding career in software development?


We are excited to bring to you an exceptional opportunity to attend bootcamps on Python with Django, Java with Spring Boot & JavaScript with ReactJS delivered to you by professionals in a professional setting. Moreover, successful candidates will also be rewarded with an internship to practice and enhance your skills. This early grounding in real-world projects will fast-track your professional growth, allowing you to become a seasoned professional much sooner than anticipated. 





  • Python with Django
  • Java with Spring Boot
  • JavaScript with ReactJS



  • January 17, 2024:    Registration is closed!   
  • January 19, 2024: Assessment {NOTE: The assessment will be carried out to gauge your aptitude and basic programming statements within a stipulated time.} 
    • Assessment Date: 19th Jan, 2024
    • Assessment Time: 11 AM - 1 PM {Note: Kindly arrive at the venue 30 minutes before the scheduled time}
    • Assessment Location: Conference Hall, 2nd Floor, The British College
  • January 21, 2024: Walk-in Interview (for selected students) 
  • January 24, 2024: Release of final list of students to be enrolled



  1. Complete Registration: To secure your spot in these exclusive bootcamps, please complete the registration by January 17, 2024Register Here
  2. Appear in the Assessment: The assessment will take place on January 19, 2024, at the TBC Conference Hall.
  3. Interview Process: Selected students from the assessment will proceed to the final round - a walk-in interview scheduled for January 21, 2024. 


This is a unique opportunity to showcase your skills and passion for Agile Software Development.



  • Gain hands-on experience in software development both project based and real-time industry based.
  • Learn from experienced professionals and industry experts in a professional setting.
  • Master essential tools and techniques such as Django, React, Spring Boot, and Agile Professional Development process & more.
  • Acquire both professional and personal skills to survive and thrive in the real-world industry.
  • Paid internship available for exceptional students.


NOTE: Limited seats are available, so ensure that you complete the registration process at your earliest convenience.


We look forward to receiving your registration and seeing you at the assessment. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach us at

React Bootcamp

Week 1

Introduction to JavaScript

a. JavaScript Basics

                       i.   Variables and Operators, import and export, Functions and Parameters.

                     ii.    Object and Classes, Array and Array Methods, De-structuring (Array and Objects), Spread Operator.



Week 2

Introduction to React

a. React Basics and Components

   i.   JSX, Adding CSS Styling, Passing Data via Props, Children Props, React Fragments, Map to create re-usable components, React Portals.

b. Debugging with React Apps

 i.   Working with Breakpoint, Using React DevTools, React Profiler

Week 3

 Hooks in React

a. useState, useEffect, useRef

b. useReducer, useContext

c. useMemo, useCallback

 Week 4

 Advanced Concepts in React

a. Redux 

 i.   State Management with Redux, Redux Thunk

b. React Router

 i.   Routes, Layouts and Nested Routes, React Navlink, Relative Path and Absolute Paths, Index Routes, Loaders in Route

c. React Hook Form

 i.   Form State, DevTools Visualization, Display Error Messages, Default Values, useWatch, Touched and Dirty States, Validations

Java Spring Boot

Advanced Concepts of Java Programming

Week 1

OOPS in Java:

a.      Java basics: Datatypes in Java, Arrays, Operators (Comparison, Logical), Control Statements, Constants, Loops, Conversion Techniques, Java Access Modifiers, Constructor Types, Getter, and Setter – 2 hrs.


b.   Object-oriented design principles [UML]: RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE CLASSES [S_A and HAS_A: Association, Dependency, Generalization, Realization, Aggregation and Composition], Coupling and Cohesion – 2hrs


c.       Advanced class design: static and final keywords, enumerated types, Inheritance, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, Abstraction (Abstract and Interfaces) – 2hrs


Week 2

Generics and Collections:


a. Generics: Creating generic entities, using type interface, understanding interoperability of collections using raw types and generic types. – 2hrs


b. Collections: Working with the Collection interface, Creating Lists and Sets, Maps and its implementations, Iterator, Comparator and Comparable, Sorting and Searching in arrays and lists. – 2hrs


c. Functional Programming: Functional Interfaces, Implementing Lambdas, Method references, Understanding streams, parallel streams. – 2hrs



Exceptions and Testing: [2hrs]

a.      Exception Handling: try with multiple catch and finally blocks, throw and throws, creating custom exceptions, overriding methods throwing exceptions


b.   Assertions: Using Assertions, forms of assertions, testing invariants in your code, using JUNIT assertions.


Week 3 & 4

Spring Boot:

a. Concept of Web Services: www: web protocols [HTTP, FTP, UDP, SMTP ETC], Concepts of Web Services, REST API, Introduction to Apache.

b. Design Patterns in Enterprise Applications:  MVC, Factory patterns, Singleton patterns etc.

c. Understanding Spring Architecture by developing Web Application.

d. Working with relational and non-relational Data.

e. Working with Configuration Properties:

f.  Securing Spring Applications.

g. Creating REST Services.

h. Consuming REST Services.

i.   Creating Basic Spring Application using above information.

Python Bootcamp

Week 1

 Introduction to Python

a. Python Basics

i.   Variables, Syntax, Comments, Data Types, Numbers, Casting, Operators, List, Tuples, Sets, Dictionaries, If…Else, While Loops, For Loops

  b. Python OOP

ii.   Inheritance, Iterators, Polymorphism, Scope, Modules, JSON, PIP, Decorators, Generators.

c. Exception Handling and Testing

i.   Exception Handling – try catch, throwing exceptions.

ii.   Testing – Unit testing

Week 2,3,4

 Introduction to Django

a.  Web Framework basics

i.   REST API, HTTP Requests, HTTP Status, Monolithic, Microservices

ii.   Factory Design Pattern, Singleton Design Pattern etc.

  b. Django Concepts

i.   URL Mappings, Templates, Static Files

ii.   Models, Population Scripts

iii.   Forms, Forms Validation, Model Forms

iv.   Relative URLs with Templates, Template Filters, and Custom Filters

v.   File Uploads, Sessions

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