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Winter Vacation of BMC Students in Singapore

Winter Vacation of BMC Students in Singapore

British Model College, in order to make the best of winter vacation, organised a tour to Singapore. A group of 22 students from AS and A2 Level, accompanied by a teacher, boarded a flight to Singapore from Tribhuwan International Airport, Kathmandu on January 26th.


The first day included a mesmerising trip to Sentosa Island during which the students observed Singapore City from the Tiger Sky (vertically moving Tower). They went to Madam Tussade, where they stood in the presence of realistic wax figures of famous world icons. Sports stars, Hollywood stars, Bollywood stars they had it all, even the great politicians of the world. The image of Singapore Live and Wings of Time in the evening was extraordinary.


The second day was a whole day of fun at Universal Studios. Students enjoyed heart racing roller coaster rides and a variety of adventurous games and shows.


On the third day students visited SMU (Singapore Management University). East Coast Park was another jubilant experience; the students soaked up the buzz of the weekend, surrounded by joggers, cyclist, children and their families making the most of their free time. The evening tour to Suntec City, Malaya Park and Marina Bay was another overwhelming moment for the students. Day four marked the end of the tour. Students made a quick city tour while they headed towards Singapore Changi International Airport to make their way back home to Kathmandu. The students have returned with fond and unforgettable memories of their Singapore adventure.

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