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Windows Mobile App Boot Camp 

Windows Mobile App Boot Camp 

Windows Mobile App Boot Camp ran from 5 June - 7 June, 2016 from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm for BSc (Hons) Computing students in The British College premises.  The three day programme was facilitated by Mr. Sanjeeb Sapkota from Microsoft Innovation Centre.


The training was interactive and focused on the practical aspects of Windows Mobile App Development. The training gave a clear picture about Microsoft Software, Windows Applications, Azure Training and ICT in education. Students seemed excited while they learned to make selfie camera apps, calculator apps, email apps and much more.


Furthermore, Ms. Nayana Shakya and Mr. Sonam Singh from MIC were invited as guest speakers on Day 2, and gave a presentation on entrepreneurship, pre-accelerator and company start-up ideas.


The informative and interactive session was indeed a great programme by Microsoft Student Partner for The British College students during the summer break.

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