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Welcome and Farewell Party at Club Déjà Vu

Welcome and Farewell Party at Club Déjà Vu

The British College hosted a grand farewell and welcome party for the graduate and fresher students at Club Déjà Vu recently. The evening comprised of fun-filled events including Mr and Miss Fresher, mesmerising musical acts and fantastic dance performances by the students. 


The students hosted an amazing show for their seniors and juniors which was a celebratory gesture for the new and passing out students of the TBC family. 


The highlight of the evening was the Mr and Miss Fresher contest judged by Miss Nepal 2016, Ms. Asmi Shrestha. The contest had a total of 3 rounds namely introduction, special talent and a Q/A round. Following the three exciting rounds showcasing the diverse talents of the participants, Avin Amatya and Smriti Manandhar were announced winners of the title Mr and Miss Fresher 2018.


 The students also took this chance to celebrate the establishment of The British College Alumni Network (BCAN) with a cake cutting ceremony by Alumni members.



Overall, the evening was a memorable one for both new and graduating students of The British College. The British College looks forward to many more events to celebrate and strengthen bonds amongst the students.  


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