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The British College welcomes the British Ambassdor

The British College welcomes the British Ambassdor

The British Ambassador, H.E. Andy Sparkes CMG visited The British College in Kathmandu. During his visit the ambassador toured the facilities which he declared were “excellent’. In his address to the assembled staff and students he said, “If I was a student again, I would be delighted to study in the environment which has been created here in The British College. I congratulate Rajen Kandel on his foresight and his commitment to delivery what is obviously a high quality British product to Nepal”
He highlighted the achievement of Kalpana Pant who had secured the highest marks across the whole of the University of The West of England in an economics Module.

Mr. Sparkes inaugurated the which will not only provide international services locally but also be an opportunity for students to gain professional experience. In conclusions The Ambassador offered to return to The British College in the very near future to address the students an aspect of British government policy and in particular the UK’s relationships with Nepal.

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