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The British College students at University of the West of England

The British College students at University of the West of England

A group of highly satisfied The British College students have just returned to Nepal bursting with stories to share from their UK Summer School experience. An exciting welcome party set the tone for the trip, with UWE student reps introducing TBC students to the joys of British student life. From there, students immersed themselves in the University of West England life, living in student accommodation and attending many workshops alongside other international attendees; students from Turkey, China and Japan. For many the demand of cooking for themselves was a shock but they became more independent as a result and thoroughly enjoyed their campus experience. Students were provided classes in study skills, presentations skills amongst others and so got to know first-hand what British universities are like.

In addition to the Summer School sessions students were lucky enough to explore many UK cities. They saw the colourful Bristol International Balloon Festival and left Bristol for a few days to see the sights in London, Bath and Oxford. Some of the students even took the opportunity to watch Chelsea football team play, fulfilling a life-long dream.

The trip was both academically and culturally enlightening for the students and they urge other students to take up this opportunity in the future. They would also like to thank UWE for accommodating them, the student reps for making their trip so entertaining and enjoyable, and TBC for arranging this.

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