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The British College student tops the World in ACCA exams

The British College student tops the World in ACCA exams

Thursday 3rd August marked a grand celebration for Miss Rejika Maharjan student of The British College. Rejika has made an incredible achievement of topping the P3 Business Analysis professional ACCA paper, in the June 2017 exams, thus ranking her number one in the world; the first ever in Nepal. 

The Award Ceremony held at Cine-de-Chef cinema was attended by Mahendra Kandel, Director of The British College, Rabin Katwal, Head of ACCA Nepal; Pawan Khadka, ACCA Advisory Committee member; alongside staff and students from The British College. Many members of the association expressed their jubilance and upmost respect for Rejika an incredibly committed student who really deserved more than anyone else to achieve such success. Ananta Gautam, ACCA Programme Manager from TBC stated ‘For Nepal a small country with only around 2500 ACCA students, to produce such a talent is a huge achievement, it is a profound success for all Nepalese ACCA students, teachers, ACCA members, learning providers and the nation as a whole.’ Mr Gautam and Mr Mahendra Kandel awarded Rejika a cheque of Npr 20,000 from The British College and wished her the best of luck in her final papers. Rejika followed by thanking The British College, all her teachers who have helped her during her ACCA journey and specifically noted the support of her committed parents.

A massive congratulations again to Rejika you are an inspiration to all TBC students and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors. 


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