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The British College launches BHM Course | Press Release

The British College launches BHM Course | Press Release

The British College is very excited to announce the launch of a brand new BSc (Hons) Hospitality Business Management course and hosted the launch programme to mark the occasion on the 8th January 2021. 


The BHM programme will run in partnership with Leeds Beckett University (UK) and is launched on the 8th January 2021 by Arun Lal Joshi, Associate Dean of The British College, along with college coordinators, staff, and faculty. Key related members of the industry and people of the media joined for this very special event. 


The British College already has an exemplary reputation for business courses, so it is exciting to now be working with an incredible faculty as it enters into the field of Hospitality. The 4-year programme allows students to progress to further study within hospitality business management or alternatively enter straight into the world of work. 


Hospitality is currently the world's second-largest employment sector, expected to generate nearly seven million jobs per year. BHM graduates will be trained as Specialist in their chosen field of work, whether that be Hospitality and Tourism, Events and Entertainment, or the Luxury Market. With opportunities in hotels, resorts, catering, banks, cruises, aviation, and more - this really is a hospitality degree without boundaries.


Central to the course is the strong link between theory and practice. Highly qualified faculty members run small classes to ensure one to one attention in lectures, seminars, and tutorials. TBC also boasts a brand new state of the art practical arts area, inclusive of a kitchen, restaurant and reception. 


Furthermore, as a part of the course, students will take part in fieldwork with industry partners and get the chance to obtain some hands-on experience with a 12-month internship with a top international company.


Students studying this course at The British College will be able to transfer to the UK and complete the course at the university in the UK. As per the new UK government rules, students will also qualify for two years of a work visa after completing this course.


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