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The British College Christmas Fest 2018

The British College Christmas Fest 2018

On December 21, our students organized ‘The British College Christmas Fest 2018’. The event was more than just fun as all the profitable capital was going to charity. The sense of responsible student along with fun.


By 11:00 am, the students were ready to start the event with exciting challenges, performances and many more. Our performers were more than eager to be part of the fest; it was open by Aryan Chaudhary from L4 BSc (Hons) Computing. Moving there was two different rounds of Panipuri challenge among those who participated; Pankaj (BSc Computing) and Sudarshan Gautam (A-levels- non-science) managed to stand first in the respective round. They also had musical guest Bibhu Bajgain, who even performed his unreleased song to entertain the crowd. As per teacher’s award in BSc (Hons) Computing Mr. Arun Joshi was voted the most handsome teacher and Mr. Shashi Raj Bajracharya as the best teacher.


Meanwhile, Mrs. Kumuda Lamichane won for the best teacher from BBA, who was present with her lovely child that made the environment emotional for a while. Crowd’s Favorite Nabina ma’am and Neha ma’am were elected as the Beautiful and best teacher from student service department respectively.


The fest included music, dance and good food along with the chance to interact with fellow colleagues and teachers. To sum it up it was one of the best pre-Christmas celebrations.



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