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TBC Welcome & Farewell Party

TBC Welcome & Farewell Party

Saturday night was an extravagant celebration of all things TBC. We greeted our fresher’s to the family and celebrated the success of our L6 graduates. Students, dressed to impress, gathered at the swanky Karma Lounge for a feast of entertainment: music, dance, spoken word and poetry. L3 and Pre-master students battled it out in our competition for Mr and Mrs Freshers 2017, flaunting their talents and undergoing a grilling from our three tough judges. In the end Abhilash Lama (L3 BBA) and Mayorinna Gurung (L3 Computing) were crowned the honourable Mr and Mrs Freshers 2017.

Members of our graduating received an even bigger reward with the crowning of our Mr and Mrs TBC 2017. These awards were given to those students who have achieved great success academically whilst contributing to TBC, beyond what was expected, through extracurricular activities. The winners were:


Mr TBC (BSc Computing) Pratik Gautam

Mrs TBC (BSc Computing) Lasata Manandhar

Mr TBC (BBA) Avijat Niroula

Mrs TBC (BBA) Alina Prajapati

Mr TBC (MIBM) Nitendra Purush Dhakal

Mrs TBC (MIBM) Shanta Sharma


The evening was a huge success with students thoroughly enjoying the food, performances and the even better company. We would like to thank our students Ruchita Jain, Saniya Jalan and Priya Nahata who did an incredible job organising the event, to all our participants of Mr/Mrs Freshers, to all our performers and to our hosts for the night Hisila Shrestha and Astha Gurung who ensured the smooth running of the evening’s entertainment. We hope you all enjoyed and are ready for the next TBC party!!

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