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TBC Students handed blanket to elderly people

TBC Students handed blanket to elderly people

The students of The British College (TBC) completed their "Blanket for Humanity" initiation where they managed to collect sufficient fund. To conclude the initiation, around 15 students were participating for the blanket distribution. Mr Bimal Pathak, Operations Director of TBC, Mr. Suman Shrestha, Marketing and PR Manager and Mr Bharat Sapkota were present in the programme to encourage the students for the good cause. The distribution was carried out in the premises of Bal Chandra Madhyamik Vidhyalaya situated in Ryale, Kavre. The students distributed more than 60 blankets to the elderly people of Ryale.



TBC would like to thank Mr. Bholanath Dhungana, Principal of Bal Chandra Higher Secondary School allowing our students to complete the distribution process in their school premises. Mr. Bholanath Dhungana also praised our students for taking a step for such noble cause. He also mentioned that the younger generation needs to be proactive to help the society become a better place. Similarly, Mr Bimal Pathak, Operations Director of TBC, expressed his experience by praising the effort put in by the students. He further said that every small effort makes a big impact and it only needs a first step and it is a proud moment for TBC as our students have taken that first step. 


TBC would like to thank everyone who contributed and donated warm blankets for the cause. Furthermore, a special thank you to SPI Recreation Team for their generous donation. Needless to mention, a massive gratification and appreciation goes to the enthusiastic students for their tireless effort without which this event would not have been successful. 


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