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TBC Minute to Win it Challenge

TBC Minute to Win it Challenge

Students of The British College took part in a 'Minute to win it Challenge' at the college’s conference hall on Thursday, 30th November 2017. 16 teams from L3 BBA and BSc participated in a series of deceptively simple games, where the objective was to complete the tasks faster than the other competitors. Students enthusiastically participated in games like ‘Blow the Cup’, ‘Balloon Pyramid’, ‘Pop the Balloon” and ‘Jingle in the Trunk’ among others. The event concluded with a treasure hunt around the college premises. Score from all the games were combined with the team of Eva Shakya, Ritika Maharjan, Rubin Shrestha, Raman Tuladhar and Lakash Maharjan from BSc L3 B taking home the prize. The event sought to establish a sense of camaraderie with healthy competition among students, while introducing them to student life at TBC. Students expressed their excitement for the event, with cheers and laughter. We hope the enthusiasm will continue as we look forward to more events.

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