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TBC Job Fair and Placement Day 2019

TBC Job Fair and Placement Day 2019

On 31st May, The British College held the first TBC Job Fair and Placement Day at the College premises.


The HR Professionals of 15 participated companies (Braindigit, Cloudfactory, Premier Insurance, Classic Tech, IMS Group, ITONICS Nepal, Sipradi Trading, Verisk Nepal, Pepsi, Chaudhary Group, Deba Jyoti Group, Spiralogics, Subisu Cable Net, UBA Solutions, and Myriad X) interviewed our students to fill their vacancies for a number of different positions.


Over the past weeks, the College in collaboration with Merojob held six days of three-hour introductory sessions; focused on resume and cover letter writing, personality and communication development and even etiquette and manners in the online world. We gave our students a platform to hone their interview skills and prepare themselves with answers to the questions they might encounter.


During the job fair, the MD of Merojob shared that “The six-day grooming session was organised to establish a connection between employers and unemployed youths and to create job opportunities for youths. We are organising this Job Fair and Placement Day to facilitate the solution to the problem of unemployment by bringing together the youths searching for jobs and companies looking for aspiring youths.”


According to the Principal of The British College, “This job fair provides an opportunity for industries to discover talent and students who have just graduated and are ready for the world of employment. The Job Fair is a testament to our vision of cultivating a culture of creativity and innovation by creating homegrown entrepreneurs and ‘job creators' as opposed to only 'job holders, who are equipped for and invested in, ushering Nepal into a new era of development and prosperity."


He added, "The British College aims to undertake a series of systematic interventions in our education system, the job market and our culture, by instilling a culture of diversity, innovation and creativity in all of its internal and external processes. This ranges from the quality of education we give to our students to the growth opportunities and upward mobility that we provide to our employees.” Likewise, the Event Coordinator of The British College shared that “ Job fair is organised to bridge the gap between the students and industries. The students will realize the job prospects in the market."


The event was concluded by giving out a token of appreciation to all the 15 companies. The British College is very thankful to Merojob who groomed and guided our students throughout the process. The college would like to thank the management team of all the employing organisations who made the event successful with their presence. Finally, we'd also like to thank all the participating students, the volunteers and TBC staff for their commitment, time and effort.

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