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TBC Intra Indoor Sports

TBC Intra Indoor Sports

In the vibrant month of June, TBC truly came alive with a whirlwind of thrilling sports events as we hosted the TBC Intra Indoor Sports Competition.


The excitement kicked off on the 5th June with the much-anticipated TBC Cricket Tournament - a four day spectacle where skill, determination, and pure enthusiasm converged in a symphony of competition and camaraderie.


Just a few days later, on the 11th of June, the atmosphere shifted to one of friendly rivalry as the TBC Pool Competition took centre stage. In an environment that was as relaxed as it was electric, it was an evening that was not just about winning and losing, but about sharing the joy of the game with fellow members of our TBC community.


These events were more than just sports competitions; they were opportunities for our diverse community to come together, bound by a shared passion for sports and a desire to connect. The memories created during these days went far beyond the final scores and winners, engraving themselves into the collective memory of TBC.


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