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A Level Sports Meet 2017

Published on : March 17, 2017 at 08:44 AM
Published on : March 17, 2017 at 08:44 AM
A Level Sports Meet 2017

In accordance with the annual calendar of BMC, the ECA committee with the support of A Level students organised the ‘Annual Sports Meet 2017’ March 7th-10th. Students celebrated their love for sports with some friendly competition. The event provided an opportunity for the students to play a variety of sports, from the main events basketball, badminton and futsal to table tennis, chess and pool. Students had the chance to show their diverse range of skills and talents.  


As often shown in sports, team spirit was evident in various competitions like basketball, badminton and futsal, bringing not only the team players together but the audience members too. Supporting their classmates, regardless of team, class and level brought all the students together, boosted the spirit of all BMC students. Due to rain on March 10th, the basketball final and closing ceremony were postponed to March 13th.  


On the closing day, Principal Michael J. Barnes delivered the closing speech and awarded the certificates and trophies to the winning teams.  The captain of the winning basketball team, Abhishek Magar from Non-Science, not only led his team to victory, but also earned himself most valuable player, to the joy of his supporters. From the female category, Bishesta Bartaula was a well-deserved winner of most valuable player.


To motivate student’s participation in any future events, A Level Programme Manager Medina Shakya awarded participation certificates to all the participants and thanked Principal, ECA committee, officials and participants for making Sports Meet 2017 a huge success. 


Victors of the differing competitions walked away with not only medals and certificates but pride in the camaraderie built through striving for their sporting success.


Basketball Boys winners     

Abhishek Magar (AS Non- Science- S2 )

Sachin Khanal                  

Amulya Shrestha              

Vedant Dhungana           

Dino Gurung                     

Sonam Tamang Waiba     

Daniel Dangol                   


Basketball boys 1st runner up

Sandesh Kulung       (AS Science –S2)

Nikhil Tandukar                   

Pramesh Dhaugoda             

Sudhir Thulung Rai               

Prajwol G.C                            

Punkaj G.C                               

Pushpraj Chaudhary               

Martin Gautam                


Basketball Girls Winners

Bishesta Thapa   (A2)

Bishesta Bartaula (A2)

Nilam Pun (A2)

Chadani Dulal (A2)


Basketball Girls 1st Runner up

Riya Chhetri (AS)

Animon Rapacha (AS)

Sabita Jirel (AS)

Namuna Subedi (AS)


Chess winners

Prajwol G.C                             1st

Abhishek Shrestha                 2nd

Shamvabi Pokhrel                  3rd



Darshan Rasaili (AS Computer)  1st

Shusan Khatiwoda   (A2 Computer) 2nd

Sailesh Upreti (A2 Computer) 3rd

Oshin Adhikari  (A2 Computer) 3rd



Sambhavi Pokhrel (AS Science) 1st

Shreya Jain (AS Science)  2nd


Pool Boys

Shusan Khatiwoda (A2 Computer science) 1st

Sailesh Upreti (A2 Computer science) 2nd

Roshan K.C (A2 Non – science) 3rd 

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