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TBC Induction Programme for Aug/ Sep Session 2015

TBC Induction Programme for Aug/ Sep Session 2015

The British College (TBC) organised an Induction programme for the September Session 2015. The programme was aimed to extend a warm welcome to TBC family. It was a good combination of music and interaction.



Mr Rajen Kandel, CEO of The British College, delivered a very inspiring speech and he also shared the values of TBC. Mr Kandel focused on the balance that students need to maintain between study and fun without losing grip of their ultimate goal. Furthermore, he also shared his experience about his student life and mentioned that hard work is the key to success.


Along with the CEO, the Programme Leaders also shared their thoughts and briefed the new students regarding the UK University courses. The Programme Leader of BSc (Hons) Computing, Mr. Arun Joshi, put high emphasis on being focused and dedicated. Similarly, the Programme Leader of BBA, Mr. Dipankar Sherpa also talked about focusing on positive attitude towards life. In addition, Ms Hannah Powell, UWE graduate and now a module leader at TBC shared her experience about UK University life. Our students made the orientation programme much fun filled as they showcased their talents and surprised everybody with a Flash Mob.


A special gratification to our senior students and members of staff for their support!

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