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Fire Warden Training and a Fire Drill

Fire Warden Training and a Fire Drill

'Fire awareness does not just mean we have a role to play when a fire occurs. Constant attentiveness is required to prevent fires happening'

Today, on the 15th June 2016, we had a Fire Warden Training, Evacuation Procedure and Fire Drill.

This programme was organised in collaboration with the Nepal Safety Centre. This is the awareness and preparedness initiative with the objective to develop and practice a college escape plan on the basic knowledge of fire safety measures.

Many of the team members attended the Fire Warden Training in the morning prior to the drill where they were trained in basic firefighting and marshal training. Under firefighting training, staff learned about the classification of fire, causes of fire and methods of extinguish. Further, the staff were happy to learn in depth about choosing appropriate fire extinguishers in case of different classes of fire. Likewise, under marshal training, they learned about preparation, evacuation, inspection and training of fire.

The Fire Warden Training was effectual and a drill was done in the afternoon of the same day. All students and staff participated in the drill and everyone was assembled at the meeting point.  The evacuation procedure took 5-7 minutes. Fire wardens along with the teams from Nepal Safety house demonstrated the fire scenarios, fire extinguish process and a realistic rehearsal using a fire blanket, dry powder, wet chemical and CO2 to make the drill beneficial.

We are happy that both staff and students acted sensibly and maturely during the drill. The main aim of the fire drill was to get the students to understand that they must respond to the sound of the college emergency alarm and also be able to identify the outside classroom meeting spot.

‘The safety of students and staff is our first concern and the College must be a very fire safe place to be’

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