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Blood Donation Programme at TBC

Blood Donation Programme at TBC

Today, on the 11th February 2016 'The Blood Donation Campaign’ ran here at TBC. This programme was organised by the TBC Hatemalo Foundation, which was formed under the ECA for CSR activities by our students, after exploring the constant blood demand in the market. This programme ran in collaboration with the Blood Transfusion Service of Nepal Red Cross Society.


The programme was carried out in the leadership of Ms. Safalta Shrestha, the coordinator of TBC Hatemalo Foundation and Ms. Melissa Shrestha the Event coordinator of the Foundation.


On this philanthropic event, CEO of The British College, Mr. Rajen Kandel, also donated the blood and expressed his delight and stated that he was inspired by the hard work put in by students to organise such an outstanding and worthwhile event. Furthermore, he said that participating in sound extra-curricular programmes contributes to the development of health and happiness, physical skills, emotional maturity, social competence and moral values.  Thus, along with managing their studies, students should try to be as involved as possible in extracurricular social activities, and take from the fine example given today by the students who organised the event.

The volunteers from students spent long hours in service of blood collection. We are extremely proud to share that we have collected 101 pints of blood and there were 192 walk-ins. The college is happy and proud of the participating students for being able to collect such a vast amount, which will go on to help people who are in critical need of it. We may not know the exact number, but we can be sure that many lives will have been saved due to the selflessness of the volunteers today.  The social journey does not end here. The British College students and staff will continue their social activities in the future too.

We would like to thank everyone who has helped to make today's blood donation program a grand success. Special thanks go to all those people who participated in this program and hope they enjoy the feeling of accomplishment knowing that, today, they have helped save lives. 

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