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Prof Mary Bishop - Interim Principal to The British College

Prof Mary Bishop - Interim Principal to The British College

The British College is very excited to announce the appointment of our interim principal, Professor Mary Bishop (PhD, FCCA, CA (ANZ), PFHEA).

Mary Bishop is from the UK, has a degree in English Language and Literature, a masters in business and a PhD in social accounting. Professionally qualified as an accountant and marketeer, Mary has a wealth of industry experience in education, technology and manufacturing.  She has contributed to parliamentary research in education and is the author of over 15 books - including the first edition of the Oxford Dictionary of Accounting. 

Mary has a number of regulatory and non-executive roles and currently leads a commercial and education consultancy.  She has previously held senior roles in universities and was also the Director of Learning for ACCA Global where she took the lead on qualifications and exams -  with responsibility for more than 500,000 students in almost 200 countries.

It is this wealth of experience that has made her a panellist and advisor for many councils and institutions - including The British College, where she sits on the Board of Directors. Her invaluable advice and support to the College over the past few years has made her a natural fit for this role.  Active in applied research in the world of education, Mary’s work includes focusing on developing innovative digital teaching and learning models  - and in our current climate, the need for expert digital teaching platforms has never been more important. As such we are honoured to have Professor Bishop use her expertise to bring TBC into this next phase of learning. 

The pandemic has been a difficult time, not only for TBC but for all of its students and their families. We are proud of how well everyone has coped and want to assure our students and their parents that just as we have adapted so far to support our students through this journey, that we will continue to do so. Our team has worked relentlessly to ensure that the education of our students has not been disrupted and we are confident that with Professor Mary Bishop now leading our team, The British College and all of its family will make it through this time stronger than ever before.


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