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Prof Mary Bishop | Executive Principal to The British College

Prof Mary Bishop | Executive Principal to The British College

In October last year, The British College (TBC) introduced one of its long-standing board members, Professor Mary Bishop, as the new Interim Principal. Professor Bishop has now been officially appointed as the Executive Principal, and TBC is delighted to have her leading the College into a prosperous year ahead. 


As Executive Principal, Mary Bishop can now officially become a long-standing member of The British College family, and take up far more academic responsibilities. With her new role, Mary will have the authority to implement her own new and exciting ideas, to help make TBC bigger and better than ever in 2021. 


Professor Mary Bishop (PhD, FCCA, CA (ANZ), PFHEA) is a British author who has contributed to parliamentary research in education and leads a commercial and education consultancy. She specialises in education, technology, and manufacturing - fields of which she has the innumerable experience, including positions in accountancy, marketing, and universities. Significantly, she was also the Director of Learning for ACCA Global where she managed qualifications and exams for more than 500,000 students across 200 different countries.


With a broad range of qualifications including a degree in English Language and Literature, a masters in Business and a PhD in Social Accounting - Mary has been perfectly positioned to advise the College as a member on its Board of Directors. A real passion of Professor Bishops is developing innovative digital teaching and learning models, and as such TBC are excited for her to bring her expertise to the teaching in the College and inspire the students with her wealth of knowledge in the key areas in which they specialise. 


Professor Mary Bishop joined the College during the pandemic, when innovation and creativity were needed the most, to pull the students through such a difficult time - and her presence so far has been invaluable. The British College is therefore very proud to welcome her as the Executive Principal and wishes her every success. 


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