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Ms. Rajini Mukhia as the new A Level Co-ordinator

Ms. Rajini Mukhia as the new A Level Co-ordinator
The British Model College, Kathmandu is delighted to welcome Ms. Rajini Mukhia as the new A Level Co-ordinator.
Ms. Mukhia brings a wealth of experience from her life in education. She has worked in different institutions in India and Nepal for over 2 decades where she has been a Principal or Programme Coordinator. The success of the institutions like Army Schools in India, Himali Boarding School, Rato Bangla School and GEMS Institute of Higher Education are testimonials to the commendable contribution she has made in the field of education.
She said, “I am very happy to be a part of The British Model College, a prestigious A Level institution in The Valley”. She told a group of A Level students that she expected them to cooperate with her, work harder and she will ensure that they will feel proud of their institution and the institution too will feel proud of them. One student even made a remark, “We are very lucky to have Ms. Mukhia at The British Model College” and this is another testimony that she is already a well known educationist in The Valley in such a short period of time.
The British Model College which is a sister concern of The British College wishes her every success in her tenure here.


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