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Miss Nepal 2016 Activation Campaign at TBC

Miss Nepal 2016 Activation Campaign at TBC

A panel formed by previous winners of Miss Nepal, provided by The Hidden Treasure (Institute for Professional Development), conducted an interactive session on Personality Development, Career Development, Youth Development and Professionalism.


The talk started with a lead from the Miss Nepal 2012- Shristi Shrestha and Miss Nepal International 2012 - Subeksha Khadka. They both described their experiences and how it had enriched their lives in a way they had not previously expected. Miss Nepal is a prestigious beauty contest, which also focuses on developing and supporting its participants into active, confident and well rounded members of society. They spoke of the supportive, rather than competitive, atmosphere between contestants and described how they made friends for life. They targeted their message to both male and female students.


After the talk session an interactive talent contest was held by the Sponsor Gionee Talent Hunt whereby the students were encouraged to come up and showcase their unique talents. At first it seemed students were slightly apprehensive, but after not long many students were eager to show their skills, from classical dancing to singing, to rapping to breakdancing – what an impressive array of talent TBC has to offer!


Well done to the amazing talents of The British College and also a big thank you to the organisers for providing such an exciting and enjoyable event.


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