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British Model College Fest 2017

British Model College Fest 2017

As part of their extracurricular activities, students of the British Model College successfully organised the 1st BMC Fest 2017 on 5th May at the college premises. A musical festival, the event saw participation of students from 45 different schools. The event attempted to provide visitors with an insight towards the student life at the British Model College. 


The participants enjoyed the day with good food and great music. British Model College students performed onstage to make the event enthralling. The entertainment was aided by various game stalls such as ‘Hit the Can’, Basketball, Darts and Bingo with exciting prized for the students to take away. More than 400 students were estimated to have visited the festival during the entire day.


It was a rewarding experience for both visitors as well as organising students. Students learnt about the tasks involved with organising a large scale event, while participants witnessed a glimpse at the life at British Model College while gaining information about the A Level programme at the institution.

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