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British College Hosts Successful Alumni Meet 2023

British College Hosts Successful Alumni Meet 2023

On 20th January 2023, The British College hosted the Alumni Meet 2023 at the Hyatt Regency (Rox Garden). With representatives from partner universities in attendance, the event was an excellent opportunity for graduates to reconnect, network, and celebrate their achievements so far. 


Over 100 alumni from 2015 to 2022 attended, along with staff, faculty and some special guests, including Kunal Hulbe from Leeds Beckett University. Taking place from 4 pm onwards, the event was opened by the Founder and CEO of TBC, Mr Rajen Kandel. 


Speaking of the event, Kandel said, “As well as catching up with old friends, this event was a wonderful way to show the alumni what we have been doing since they have left and what new opportunities we have available for them - such as the brand new Incubation Center which we will be giving a talk on during the event”. 


Alumni from each department, Rabin Tawari from the School of Computing and Karan Chaudhary, Executive Director of CG Holdings, from the School of Business, also delivered Keynote speeches. And following them were a number of presentations from staff and faculty, including the Head of Admissions and Marketing, Mr Amardeep Mandal. 


Mr Mandal said of the occasion, “We hosted the Alumni Meet 2023 in order to celebrate our decade-long relationship with our alumni. We wanted to show them how proud we are of their success, and how happy we would be to help them in their future plans”. 


After the formalities were over, the guests were able to enjoy performances, games, networking, and a quick review of some of the best memories from the past decade. 



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