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Award Ceremony for Sports Meet 2019 and Intra-College Esports Tournament 2019

Award Ceremony for Sports Meet 2019 and Intra-College Esports Tournament 2019

On April 23rd, The British College organised an awards ceremony for the winners of Sports Meet 2019 and Intra-College Esports Event 2019.


The 4 days long TBC Sports Meet 2019, commenced on 16th April 2019 with an exciting Tug Of War competition, where both the students and the staff participated enthusiastically. The Opening day was followed by a Cricket match and Futsal tournament, which took place on 17th and 18th April respectively at Velocity Arena, Ratopul. Some Mini events such as badminton and table tennis were also organised between these dates.


The highly anticipated, Intra-College ESports Championship which commenced on 5th April, lined-up to be a three-day extravaganza with a battle of epic proportions. Three games were played during these four days of intense gaming battle: PUBG, Counter Strike-Global Offensive and DOTA 2. Consequently the event was a huge success, attracting over 150 competitors from different levels and programmes.


The British College proudly crowned the winners of the Sports Meet 2019 and Intra-College Esports Event 2019 on April 23rd.


Following is a list of the Winners of all the games in each category:


Sports Meet 2019




1st Winner: Rajbir Chand & 2nd Winner: Saugat Adhikari



1st Winner: Prakriti Shakya & 2nd Winner: Phurbu Choden Lama


Table Tennis


1st Winner: Shishir Poudel  & 2nd Winner: Ujjwal Rana Magar



1st Winner: Sunena Joshi & 2nd Winner: Aarti Gurung



1st Winner: Royal Tribe & 2nd Winner: Knight Riders



1st  Winner:  Bhogotey Boys & 2nd Winner TBD


Tug Of War

1st  Winner: Royal Tribe & 2nd Winner: Starks Tugs


Intra-College Esports Tournament 2019

C.S. Go: 1st  Winner: Destroyer & 2nd Winner: Royal Tribe


Dota 2: 1st Winner: Prodi genius & 2nd Winner: Team DT


These events were organised with an objective to promote the growing interest & participation in Esports. The aim was to teach the participants the value of co-operation, as well as the spirit of competition. This helped students to learn how to work with others to achieve their goals, as we believe that group based activities of this kind increase teamwork and cohesion.

TBC would like to congratulate all the winners and show our deep appreciation to the student organisers, along with the participants, for their contribution and support.

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