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ACCA Dhampus Pokhara Tour for Knowledge-Level Students

ACCA Dhampus Pokhara Tour for Knowledge-Level Students

On the 22nd of September 2022, ACCA students from the Applied Knowledge Level went on a four-day trip to Dhampus, Pokhara - which was chosen owing to its natural beauty, thrilling adventure sports, and relaxing atmosphere. 


In total 31 students and four ACCA staff members went on the trip and enjoyed the bustling streets of Pokhara, the holy site of Pumdikot, and the peaceful surroundings of the World Peace Pagoda. They also explored popular spots including Devi’s Falls, Gupteshwor Mahadev, and Taal Barahi Temple - which all made for wonderful memories.


The students also took part in a variety of different activities, including boating and hiking. The hike from Phedi to Dhampus on the last day was one of the most memorable - with the grueling climb taking them through forests and up steep inclines. However, despite it being challenging, it was all worth it when they reached the resort at the end.


Students then enjoyed the night sitting around the campfire, singing, dancing, and chatting the night away while enjoying a tasty BBQ and making new friends. Then early the next morning, a group of them made their way up to the Australian Camp to watch the sunrise, before returning and making their way back down to Phedi to catch the bus back home. 


Please note: The College ensured ahead of time that all students were aware of the necessary health and safety concerns. They were made to carry primary care items and an action plan was put in place for any serious issues that needed immediate attention.




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