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A Levels Industrial Tour to the Wai Wai Factory

A Levels Industrial Tour to the Wai Wai Factory

The British Model College in collaboration with the Internship & Placement Department organised an industrial tour for their students on the 16th January 2019 to the CG Wai Wai factory located in Saibu, Bhaisepati.  The visit was planned for the A-Level non-science students and was accompanied by Mrs. Gyanu Bhandari, the Head of Administration, and Mr. Bikram Thapa, Internship & Placement Officer.


The students were welcomed by the Production Head, Mr. Dhurba Dahal to the facility. The students lined up to witness the assembly line and were briefed about the processes and operations undertaken by the plant to deliver the final product. The students had the opportunity to observe the entire manufacturing process where they saw raw materials transformed into final product: noodles and cheese balls.


Post visit, the students had a chance to interact and discover more about the quality, pricing, ingredients, environmental impact, daily output and food safety of the factory. The students were delighted to receive gifts from the factory presented Mr. Dhurba Dahal.

The visit was an elevating experience for students. The students had the opportunity to gain a deep insight into the functioning and operations of the factory.


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